Friday, June 12, 2009

My life as a hypocrite. . . well, an accidental hypocrite

So... it's been almost a year and I am finally blogging again. I am one year older, maybe wiser... but who can tell these days. College is probably one of the coolest things that the human race decided to invent. My experience, though different from the standard male college freshman, was a lot different than many of my peers. Instead of being filled with parties and booze, I got filled with something so much greater and more satisfying. I like to refer to Him as the Holy Spirit. I was taught so many things, I learned about myself, I learned about God, and most of all I finally made my faith my own.
People say that most christians are being fake and full of hypocrisy. This is because Christians act like they are better and perfect, when in reality they aren't even close. Christians are just as sinful as anybody else. The only difference between Christians and non-Christians is Jesus being our Lord and Savior. There is a realization that we aren't perfect and we aren't going to be able to do it on our own. We may act perfect, but it's us getting caught up in desiring perfection like our Savior. It's not that we "Don't" do bad stuff, it's that we "Shouldn't" and do on occasion because we are fallen. It's Human Nature! We can't change that about ourselves. That's where our reliance on a Savior comes in. There is something about "Free, Undeserved, Everlasting Grace and Love" that just. . . I don't know, rocks our world. We can't do it on our own, therefore we need someone who can, someone who has done it.
College gave me one of the biggest opportunities to learn about why I chose to believe what I believe. Now, you may want to argue that I believe because my parents believe. That may be slightly true, but, I have always been able to say no to this teaching. Being in college showed me that opportunity more than any other time in my life. But rather than say no and just live life with anyone steering me along, I decided to question and dig deeper. Truly discovering my Jesus. He is who He is, and I desire to be who He is. All I gotta do is Love. Love so deeply that I can't be refused, That I can't bear to disappoint my God. To love on anyone as if my life depended on it. . . (And in reality, it does) 
So, I apologize for the Christians who seem to be hypocritical. . . maybe they are "holier than though" but they probably just want you to think they are perfect because they don't fully understand an undying love from a Holy and Perfect Savior. They might just be in denial due to misunderstandings, wether they are from church that says "all sinners go to hell!" (if that were true... there wouldn't be anyone in Heaven), or just a childish lack of knowledge on the subject of Forgiveness. It's not OK to Sin, Sin is Sin, no matter what it is (which is a different topic). If you want to change the Sin in your life, fill it with something wholesome and nutritious. The Holy Spirit. Jesus will forgive you when you mess up, it's gonna happen and he already has. But keep on striving and getting better, keep your eye on the prize. Just don't think your perfect.

Here is one of my latest/favorite photos. took this one at Busch Stadium last week. Sunset... nice! Enjoy!

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Mama Bradley said...

Wow...I'm speechless (almost). I'm impressed with the spiritual journey you have been on this past year. I look forward to reading about your continued progress as you seek to pursue His holiness and, with His strength, turn away from the human sinfulness with which we all struggle. Love you!